Jewelry Care


Wear your jewelry often! The oils in your skin is your jewelry’s best friend and can keep it healthy and alive.

But...Take your jewelry off when doing household chores or before you go swimming and sunbathing. Substances that contain sulfur and chemicals can cause silver to corrode and tarnish including household chemicals, sweat, rubber and latex, chlorinated water, wool, and food items like Mayonnaise, mustard, eggs, and onions. Lotions, creams, cosmetics and direct sunlight can also accelerate tarnishing. 


Overexposure to moisture and sunlight can drastically alter or damage your silver. The general recommendation is to store each silver piece in a sealable plastic bag and store them in cool, dark, and dry places. 

TIP- If you're like me, you wear your turquoise too frequently to bother 'properly' storing. That's why I always have a jewelry polishing cloth on hand for a quick buff! I highly recommend purchasing one- your turquoise (and other jewelry) will thank you! 
Silver that is worn daily often develops a lovely glow or patina, areas that darken. Personally, I prefer this look. however if you prefer high shine to your silver, use a polishing cloth frequently and store in an air tight or anti tarnish bag or enclosure.
Sunshine Cloth (my favorite!)
Connoisseurs Cloth (also does the trick)