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Shop Update // December 15th, 9AM PST
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Everyday Earrings – Pair #125
Everyday Earrings – Pair #125

Everyday Earrings – Pair #125

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These earrings are perfect to add to your collection for everyday wear. They're simple, lightweight, and feature rare, pale green Fox turquoise stones. As always, they're handmade with precision and care to withstand everyday wear.

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I strive to create truly heirloom pieces. My jewelry is timeless- and I mean that in two ways:

First, it is entirely hand-fabricated from sterling silver and turquoise - both naturally occurring minerals. With proper care, it will literally withstand the test of time!

Second, my designs fit any fashion style or lifestyle. Whether you like understated, minimal pieces or a layered boho look. Whether you’re dressed for a conference room or canoeing. Every piece is classic, unique, and wearable– for wherever you’re at in life.



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